Bryan Cohen is an actor, freelance writer, author and an occasional game show contestant. He has written over 30 books, which have sold more than 30,000 copies. His website, Build Creative Writing Ideas, helps over 25,000 people a month to get over writer’s block and to come up with new creative projects.

Bryan’s writing has appeared on over 100 blogs, including The Creative Penn, Helping Writers Become Authors, and

Bryan lives with his wife and their Netflix account in Chicago.

Check out his fiction blog right here. 

1,000 Creative Writing Prompts

Bryan has written six writing prompts books with over 5,500 story starters between them. His website Build Creative Writing Ideas helps over 25,000 writers, teachers and students each month to make writer’s block a thing of the past.

Ted Saves the World

Bryan also loves writing fiction. He’s working on three episodic series, one of which is based on his well-reviewed novella, Ted Saves the World. Keep up with his progress on his fiction blog.

The Post-College Guide to Happiness

Bryan has always loved bringing the principles of self-help into his writing. Bryan has written the book The Post-College Guide to Happiness to help 20-somethings cope with life in the real world. He’s also written dozens of blog posts about happiness, productivity and personal development.